7 Point Program Self Sufficiency / Community Organization / Sustainability

1. Food – non-gmo, organic, pesticide/chemical free, community gardens, co-ops, eco gardens and farms (urban & rural)
2. Housing – affordable, sustainable restoration and development
3. Education, Youth programs & Workshops
4. Jobs – entrepreneurship, training, job placement, and Green Business
5. Health Care – nutrition, holistic and natural medicine programs
6. Land and Culture – preservation, agriculture, gardens, sustainability.
7. Sustainable: economic development, green business, urban and rural development, clean energy, water, transportation, agriculture, waste management and recycling. Renewable Resources | Reduce, Reuse & Recycle


Universal Rhythm for the Homeless.

From 2003 – 2008 Universal Rhythm worked with the music community to collect basic necessities such as: clothes, blankets, jackets, shoes, water, towels, umbrellas, toilet tree’s in order to re-distribute to poverty stricken/homeless areas in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

We also brought donated items to the women’s and children’s center on
San Julian Street, downtown Los Angeles, CA

In addition, we donated other materials such as books, notebooks, and other school oriented materials to the women’s center on Los Angeles Street in downtown,Los Angeles.

Thank you to those who have contributed to the help the community:

One of our biggest donators has been Shelly O’Neil of Rootz Media – she consistently donated for years – a ton of clothing, shoes, jackets etc…

Thanks also to: Carlos aka Loslito from the Rebirth, Dante of the Visionaries, Lauren Segal, Co-Founder of Next Aid who donated Re-Defeat Bush T-Shirts and Umbrella’s.

Thanks to all those in the community who donated over the five year span of time.

Stay tuned on how you can contribute.

If interested in learning more or volunteering please email: